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Marine Engineering Services


Project Type



Survey of export station – ONGC platform N1

  • Inspection  and compliance check as per the contracted technical specification


Vessel condition assessment – 2 x platform supply vessel

  • Vessel condition assessment for Pre-purchase


Vessel Condition assessment of container vessel fleet – viability to operate for next 5 years

  • Assessments of Risks based upon condition assessment
  • Assessment of Hull for wear down of steel
  • Fatigue assessment of structural steel
  • Assessment of Machinery Components
  • Projection of Machinery principal components replacement over the next 5 years
  • Projection of major overhauls and projected cost
  • Assessment of all safety equipment


Level 2 AL-PSL Process safety risk audit for petroleum oil measure

Performance of process safety audit

  • to verify improvements successfully implemented
  • To Verify Process safety risk in ALARP in 4 critical nominated assets
  • Validate if level 3 assurance program in place and functioning