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Manoeuvring Simulation

Logistics Simulation

Zebec Marine Consultants & Services (ZMCS) uses software based simulation that serves as a decision making tool for improving performance. These are discrete-event simulation tools that are used for planning various processes which include logistics, warehousing, shipyard production, material flows and port operations. It evaluates facility layouts, solves bottlenecks, increases capacity utilization, improves throughputs, reduces lead times, determines buffer requirements, minimizes safety stocks or optimizes system control strategies. Some key results that can be generated using simulation modeling are as follows:

Vessel Manoeuvring Simulation

Zebec can also assist in providing a real-time simulation of vessel manoeuvring in the approaches to the berth.

Simulation tools are capable of providing realistic and accurate results and input to the investigation and evaluation of channel & port design.

The purpose of simulation for design, planning and evaluation is to identify and mitigate the risks for the mariner operating in a specific waterway, channel and port area. It also includes evaluation of channel layout, placement and technical specification of manoeuvring aspects.