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Manager - Marine Projects


Job Summary



8 - 12 Year(s)

Key Skills
MBA, Civil Engineering background, Marine Industry

B.E/B.Tech, MBA, M.E/M.Tech/MS

• Business Analyst/ Consultant
• Other Oil & Gas
• Market Research - Manager

• Oil/ Gas/ Petroleum
• Consultancy
• Market Research
• Shipping


Job Description

Planning and conducting marine feasibility studies

  • The Manager is responsible for planning and conducting of marine feasibility studies as required by the client. Each study may include but not be limited to a traffic assessment, planning of facilities, estimation of costs and assessment of the financial and technical viability
  • Prepare high quality reports with graphical illustrations/charts as required
  • Conduct work in accordance with principles of good consulting practices
  • Implement documentation and filing procedures as per ZMCS standards
  • Raise invoices upon completion of tasks as per the contractual agreement and follow-up for payments
  • Ensure that the resources assigned are utilized optimally  by assessing the project requirements and planning the work properly
  • Execution of projects within the specified time frame and the assigned budget
  • Proactive to envisage likely problems and take early corrective action 


Business development responsibility

  • The Manager shall be aware of the company and Zebec’s strategy for business development
  • Aware of the capability of the various divisions of ZMCS and their activities
  • Always be on the lookout for new business opportunities through tenders, news articles and client interaction
  • Conduct meetings with clients to develop business and new relationships
  • With existing clients, he shall look for avenues to obtain further business and shall update the common marketing data base with the latest information pertaining to such clients
  • He shall respond to enquiries by preparing proposals containing work scopes and quotations
  • Develop and implement necessary systems and tools for an efficient management of customer relationships.
  • Continuously improve and develop market communication tools such as brochures, website, banners, etc.
  • Keep the General manager / Asst VP-Marine Projects appraised regarding client communication and enquiries


Administrative work and human resource management

  • The manager is responsible for overseeing administrative work and the general functioning of the marine projects division
  • Liaise with the General manager / Asst VP-Marine Projects for reporting of financial results for the projects and resources under his management.
  • Delegate tasks to a degree necessary to ensure maximum efficiency and utilization of the group’s professional expertise.
  • Conduct regular appraisals of the staff under his management 
  • Employ new staff based on requirements agreed with the General Manager/Asst VP-Marine Projects
  • Other duties as assigned by the General Manager / Asst VP-Marine Projects